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Barks For Hearts is devoting its energy to passionately advocating for the canines in shelters affected by Heartworm disease. Find out how you can contribute to the future of a canine in need through donations of money and time.

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Jordan Coe

Founder & President

giving a voice to those without one

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Barks for Hearts is an organization devoted to raise awareness and funds for the dogs with Heartworm disease in animal shelters. Jordan realized how prevalent and deadly this disease was and knew something had to be done....

Hope in Action

Heartworm may be seasonal, but our efforts are year round. Devote an afternoon to visit your local animal shelter and see first-hand the dogs we help daily.



Our Mission

Locally, Barks For Hearts is a vocal advocate for those without a voice. Heartworm is a very serious disease hindering the adoption process of these companions.

Jordan Kaufman

Executive Vice President

Chloe Elias

Coordinator of Charitable Events

  • Raise awareness of Heartworm disease
  • Contribute to the expense of treating Heartworm disease



Barks for Hearts needs your help immediately. Heartworm treatments and supplies are in high demand for animal shelters. Make your contribution now.


Liza Berkelhamer

Executive Vice President

Eric Slutsky

Executive Vice President

  • Increase the transition time for dogs in animal shelters
  • Donate other supplies needed by animal shelters


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